(Lectures) 7- Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Workshop


If you are a therapist, coach, counselor or a career professional looking to significantly scale UP your skills…this is the most comprehensive NLP workshop you will ever experience incredible breakthrough in skills and get certified to become a powerful coach and therapist. Boost your career in unimaginable ways !! Course accredited to the International Society of Neuro Linguistics Programming, USA and certificates signed by Dr Richard Bandler
December 23 – 29, 2017 Mumbai
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Dr. Richard Bandler with Mr. Amit Pathak, Director Changeworx Consulting.

Welcome to Changeworx Consulting!

Changeworx Consulting is a passionate endeavour devoted to uncovering the Human potential. YOUR potential. We assist people in understanding and using techniques aimed at discovering and polishing personal excellence and mastery over self, utilising none other than their inherent skills and capabilities. We enjoy the experience of motivating and encouraging you achieve your own personal and professional fulfilment in a simple easy-to- implement manner.

Our Motto: The Best In Each Enriches All

As you start browsing our site where you will notice information on a wide range of NLP and Hypnotheraphy based programs addressing an interesting gamut of personal and professional topics.

  • 1. If you are looking for an inspiring way of education-led-personal-transformation.
  • 2. At an affordable price.
  • 3. Wondering how to learn techniques that rise above books and induce permanent performance enhancements.
  • 4. Hearing yourself speak incredibly powerful language patterns that influence all around you.
  • 5. And genuine long-term hand hold that wishes you build on the new changes for a bright future. .

Then you are at the right place and with the right people….

Our Promise

We enjoy offering a personal and friendly service and pleased to answer any questions you may have about your individual needs. Our programs are defined by your needs and anything that helps you meet your goals will define our calendar!

We run a host of programs for personal and professional enrichment. You can get more out of life by attending a personal development program on conversational hypnosis, achieving goals, reading people better, installing good habits or collapsing undesired self-sabotaging behaviour. OR if work is your priority now would you like to take advantage of our business excellence programs on sales, leadership, negotiation or public speaking? Whatever your outcome, you will find a program here to suit your needs.

Since of all our workshops have a basic foundation of NLP and Hypnosis that originated from the field of therapy, quite naturally we also offer Coaching and Personal Excellence programs on a one to one basis.

Feel free to see us

Feel free to see us if you have ever come across situations:

1. Of trying but failing to overcome a stubborn habit that sabotages your success? Or threatens your physical wellbeing?

2. Of trying hard to shake off a deep-rooted fear or beliefs that limit your performance? Beliefs that are often unknown.

3. Overcoming those conflicts that simply refuse to stop dancing all over your mind? If only you got that extra boost of motivation to overcome tough challenges of career or life? Order that voice in your mind to Shut Up so you can gain extra self-confidence?

We have all experienced such situations, isnt it? Because the human mind can produce unexpected obstacles in ways you can least imagine or even comprehend.

A success coach can gently guide you with techniques to overcome such limitations and motivate to build a personality of your choice that is ecologically good for you and all around you. Come and see us to experience the change in the first meeting itself !!


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