2 day course: Conversational Hypnosis


 When: October 22 – 23, 2016

 Where: Hotel Suba International, Andheri East, Mumbai

  Investment: Rs 6500/-

You always wanted to know how to influence people and can now learn unbelievable techniques of advanced unconscious communication that you should know to transform your career…and your life !!


  • Your world when you are getting the total support of friends, family, even complete strangers?
  • You have the success that successful people have?
  • Acquiring the ability to influence anyone, yet appearing like not really influencing them?

The fact is, there are amazing things you’re missing out on because you don’t yet know Conversational Hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis is easily learnable techniques to connect and communicate with people at a deeper level than ever before and become more persuasive.

If you want to truly influence and persuade people, you must learn to communicate to their unconscious minds. And since the listener’s conscious mind is not even aware of the message, resistance is neutralised!! Isn’t that incredibly exciting?

These techniques were known to limited people. Now you have the chance to learn them !!

“Be clear. This is exact system and The MOST advanced techniques of Communication Skill to Win More Customers and Get People Do What You Want”

What if you could instantly take control of any conversation and subtly direct it to exactly where you want it to go, what would you do with this skill?

Your future conversations might see yourself

  • Getting agreement with your workmates to support your idea
  • Persuading your customers and sell your products, services and ideas
  • Building a productive and healthy relationships with your friends, bosses, family and co-workers
  • Making people pay attention to you with respect


Here’s a is a partial list of what You are going to know

  • What is NOT Hypnosis? & What is Hypnosis?
  • How people think and behave differently and why they are always right?
  • Change people’s Behavior and Way of Thinking, so you can have it “Your Way”.
  • How To Lead Any Conversation To Get Your Desired Results
  • How to open your senses & recognize the signals that someone is going into a trance.
  • Make anyone trust and accept You by creating instant rapport technique
  • Mistakes to avoid while making a rapport
  • Feel Confident and Comfortable with Complete Strangers
  • Get exactly what you want from your Negotiation and Meeting
  • Use Just 4 words to put someone into hypnotic spell
  • Increase your chance of winning a business deal by using ONLY 50 trigger words.
  • How to really perform conversational hypnosis in real-world?
  • How to speak in hypnotic way?
  • Get authority status and become respected and honored without speaking a word.
  • How to handle disagreement and ‘NO’?
  • How to ask questions in order to get our desired answer?
  • Become More Persuasive and Influential Using Most Powerful Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • A lot of practice with exercises and demonstration by individual

Who should learn: 

Now, these techniques can be applied in any situation in life, work or personal relationship by

Business Persons.. Sales People… Agents/Negotiators…..Managers…Teachers…Lawyers…Parents…..

What will you get:

  • Techniques that are easy to learn, quick and practical
  • Learning material with accurate step by step instructions
  • World-class learning experience with fun and productive results
  • Your questions answered

Contact: Amit Pathak

Call: 9987689287

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