October 6, 2017


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AHMEDABAD: 3-day Advanced NLP Certification

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: This course is only for anyone who has completed NLP Diploma or NLP Practitioner course.

NOTE: The course is going to be conducted in English and shall cover advanced language patterns for influence and therapy purposes. Basic familiarity with English is essential prequalification criteria.

Changeworx and the International Society of NLP, (Dr Richard Bandler) are pleased to announce the  3-day Licensed NLP Practitioner workshop, bolt on component to 5-day NLP Diploma course

When: October 6, 7 and 8 2017
Where: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Timing: Full days. From 9 am to 7:15 pm all days

NOTE: Society of NLP Licensing charges, optional extra. (Applicable only if you wish to apply for the International Society of NLP’s License and get certificate personally signed by Dr Richard Bandler)

For Registration contact: 9987689287 or write to contactus@changeworx.in mentioning the best time to speak.


  • Become a better therapist and coach, help your Clients get out of challenging life- issues easily and permanently. Be the change in their life.
  • Get fantastic results in your work and career: influence people easily and unconsciously and get the results you want from them. Get more deals, promotions, increments and wealth from your business.
  • Create and deliver powerful presentations and training using secret language patterns that connect with the audience at an unconscious level.
  • Learn how to teach your students in ways that work – getting them to become better and brilliant students. Through the psychology of ‘learning’

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  • Attending this advanced workshop means, you have already done the NLP Diploma course and are familiar with basic concepts of Representation Systems, Submodalities and language patterns. In this course you will learn:

Advanced language pattern: The art of asking precise and effective questions, using the NLP Meta Model system of linguistics.

  • Hypnotic language pattern and special linguistics to take anyone into a state of hypnosis and deep trance.
  • The techniques and process of hypnosis and conversational hypnosis. We will be conducting live hypnosis demonstrations and practice work.
  • Use language artfully and naturally understand language patterns, easily perceive the person behind the words and achieve positive results anywhere through right use of language.(Optional) Official License from the Society of NLP (USA), signed by Dr Richard Bandler
  • Decode persolities and hidden beliefs that people hold unconsciously…by reading and interpreting their language.


1. No self-certification by your trainer. Get internationally recognized certificate SIGNED by Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP, in a format strictly approved by the Society of NLP.

2. Lowest fees in India for the ‘Licensed’ NLP Practitioner course!! Excellent Value for Money.

3. Official License and certificate which has worldwide recognition personally signed by Dr. Bandler and The Society of NLP to practice and use techniques in your profession.

4. Weekend program lets you build NLP skills without disturbing your work schedule.

5. Because YOU owe it to your life, career and success!!

Amit Pathak is an internationally well known Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist with over a decade of deep research in the field of applied psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, IEMT, TFT and other related sciences. Associated with the topmost names in this field, he is the only Licensed NLP Trainer in entire western, central and southern India.

He has invented new techniques and processes that are NOT taught in any NLP course anywhere in the world. Unlike a ‘trainer’, he hails from a therapy background with hundreds of satisfied Clients who have walked out with transformed lives…and he passes this wealth of knowledge to you in this course.

For Registration contact: 9987689287 or write to contactus@changeworx.in with your contact number and the best time to speak.

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