September 6, 2017



AHMEDABAD: 5-day Diploma in NLP [Hindi]

9:00 am Ahmedabad, Gujarat

What would you do to get the life and career you always wanted?

And what are you willing to GIVE to have a limitless life of abundance?

This is not just another advertisement of promises. Get in only if you want to experience dramatic transformation of your life !! Guaranteed. ARE YOU READY?

Introducing: 5- Day Diploma in Neuro Linguistics Programming, September 6- 10, 2017 [Hindi language]

Where: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Contact: +91 9987689287 or email:

Honestly, do you see any of your goals below?

  • Be a persuasive communicator
  • Get rid of unwanted habits, easily and quickly
  • Have super-positive relationships with people
  • Not just set goals, but achieve them – always!
  • Work with a mind-set of ‘being the best performer in the team’
  • Stop reacting to situations and sabotage your life

Learn NLP and know just how naturally you can accomplish these and more… READY NOW?

OK, so here’s a tangy flavor of what you learn…

  • Structure of Experience: How you can alter your unpleasant experiences. Change your history through neurological reimprinting old events!
  • Communication Patterns: Notice how people communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to others and themselves.
  • The science of instant rapport: With anyone, anytime…simple.
  • Calibrating people: Benchmark any individual in your life and cultivate an X-Ray vision to read their mental patterns.
  • Set goals for life, work, relationships, etc. And learn techniques to achieve them
  • Conflict Management, Building business strategies: Using the power of visualized dissociation and connecting with your future in a powerful way.
  • Changing habits: The finer aspects of how people experience their worlds. Learn to manage your emotions, install habits, collapse unwanted habits, eliminate phobias…and more !!
  • State-lock: ‘click’ into any desirable state anytime and anywhere. Feel calm, happy, curious, motivated…at will.
  • Timelines and Neuro subconscious re-imprinting: How we hold past and future in the mind. Changing your past memories and creating a customised life-history that works for you in the way you desire.
  • Hypnotic language and the art of Hypnosis. Learn how to take anyone into a state of hypnosis and use powerful suggestions to assist them overcome the most stubborn issues from their life.
  • The art of using language to read the unconscious patterns in people and how to play with various language patterns to influence them unconsciously.

 The FUN Format:

  • Rich mix of theory, demonstrations, practice exercises, jaw dropping awe and wide eyed curiosity.
  • A shiny, shimmering Diploma in NLP on day 5.
  • A Certified NLP Practitioner on Day 8.
  • NOTE: 5-day diploma course entitles you to participate in the 3-day advanced Licensed NLP Practitioner certification from the International Society of NLP, USA

Expect to have fun, enjoy the training and most of all be ready for positive and productive change.

For more information: Call: 9987689287 or email:

About the trainer

Amit Pathak is an international Licensed NLP trainer, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Certified hypnotherapist and author of articles that offer practical and useful methods to help people deliver power-packed performance, boost productivity, overcome crippling mental beliefs and long lasting relationships.

Trained with the world’s top-most authority in the field of NLP, the co-inventor of NLP, the Master himself – Dr. Richard Bandler. Since 2003, has trained under world renowned Master Trainers on advanced NLP techniques. Regularly conducts high-quality NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and beyond workshops.

A naturally skilled therapist and coach with incredible success rate in personal change work, permanent freedom from limiting beliefs and any kind of performance blocks.

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