December 2, 2015



Modelling Excellence: Install the best that others have (2-day workshop)



NLP Modeling involves eliciting and then transferring what an expert thinks they know and what they unconsciously know. It involves being able to reproduce the outcome, unravelling their mental processing sequences, their beliefs, their physiological responses and transferring the behavior to others. Put simply, it is the process of recreating excellence. We can model any human behavior by mastering the beliefs, the physiology and the specific thought processes (that is the strategies) that underlie the skill or behavior.

 It is about achieving an outcome by studying how someone else goes about it.

How would your life change? when you are able to:

  • Shoot up your selling skills many times, by simply acquiring the mental program of the best salesman in your office?
  • Start negotiating like a pro – like someone you always admired?
  • Take quick and precise decisions – in areas where you always felt stuck?
  • Stay HAPPY and CHEERFUL like the person you admire. Be like them.

 Basically ‘be’ the person who is your role model for any area of your life !!!

 2-Day Workshop that teaches you exact techniques and step-by-step process to understand at a deep level, what your role model does, that you can too…and install that in you.

Topics include: How people take in information, unconscious internal programs and strategies of excellence, step-by-step process to elicit strategies, installation process and testing excellence.

Amit Pathak is the first and only Licensed NLP Trainer in whole of western, central and southern India, Amit_1accredited by the International Society of NLP, an association of Licensed NLP professionals created by Dr Richard Bandler (the co-inventor of NLP). He has over 10 years’ rich experience in this field and regularly conducts workshops in over 11 countries, therapy and counselling sessions as well as authors articles on the field of personal excellence through psychological techniques.

Fees: Rs 6500/- for 2 days, (Rs 3500 for just 2nd day for people with prior knowledge of NLP) . No preparation needed.

 Location: Mumbai

CALL now at 9987689287 or write to for full details

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