April 15, 2017



MUMBAI: Dr Bandler’s 7-day WEEKEND Licensed NLP MASTER Practitioner workshop

Andheri, Mumbai

Dates: WEEKEND Lectures on April 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 and May 1 2017, Mumbai

Program: 7 – DAY LICENSED NLP MASTER Practitioner program.(Accredited to The Society of Neuro Linguistics Programming, USA) Certificates issued and signed by Dr. Richard Bandler personally.
Prerequisites: You should have atleast a Practitioner level certification from a reputed NLP training institute.
(Please reach us at contactus@changeworx.in to discuss whether you qualify for this program)

Trainer: Amit Pathak – Licensed NLP Trainer, (multiple) NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist with huge experience in the areas of individual excellence and therapy based training.

The top objectives of the NLP Master Practitioner program to create elegant and more effective shortcuts to the classic techniques taught at the practitioner level (same results in less time and processes), as well as learn deeper and better techniques that expand your repertoire of knowledge to deal with complex therapeutical interventions.


Recap and integration of NLP Practitioner learnings
One of the major benefits of participating in a Master Practitioner is the opportunity to re-visit the Practitioner material, alongside more advanced material, bring it to the level of unconscious competence – and move beyond relying on techniques by learning to tailor your approach to suit the situation, individual or group

Advanced Techniques:
Advanced Anchoring: Take off from where you left off last time with advanced techniques on using tonal, spatial and multi-channel anchors, stacking and chaining anchors as well as using anchor-propulsion systems.
Time line techniques: Go deeper and spread wider with new techniques and processes for phobia cure and deep trauma cure. Temporal Language Patterns and using time-based language techniques.
Advanced Language patterns: get incredibly powerful results by adding multiple language patterns, the power of quantum linguistics, time lines, advanced meta model in your language…a heady dose of language patterns that create multi-level interventions.

Sleight of Mouth patterns: Learn advanced reframing techniques as well as unique linguistic patterns to craft coaching states that produce transformations without other NLP processes.

Beliefs and Values: Identify beliefs and values through their linguistic structure, recognise the levels of belief, use spatial and verbal methods to resolve belief conflicts, apply belief utilisation and change patterns including advanced Re-imprinting. Recognise and deal with values’ hierarchies, values conflicts, values’ criteria. Work with motivation patterns through enhancing and changing values and beliefs.

Meta Programs: Utilize these out-of-awareness filters or pre-dispositions which influence a person’s understanding, decision-making and actions. Learn how to spot the principal NLP Meta Programme patterns and ‘clusters’ of patterns, the linguistic indicators of Meta Program, how a person’s Meta Programs guide their choices and needs and how to use your awareness of Meta Programs to greatly enhance your ability to influence.

Modelling Excellence: Modelling is the thread which draws all the other elements together. In the course we apply behavioral modelling to (1) discover how and why a person does something (2) to assist them in enhancing their skill or replace it with a more effective one and (3) to develop a ‘model’ with which to pass the skill on to others.

Resolving psychosomatic issues: Ever wondered how to permanently drive away physical ailments bearing psychological origins, using NLP? Learn advanced methods to effectively deal with issues such as; insomnia, addictions, weight management, phobia and deep trauma, stammering, medical conditions and much more.

About your trainer:

Amit Pathak is an international Licensed NLP trainer, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Certified hypnotherapist and author of articles that offer practical and useful methods to help people deliver power-packed performance, boost productivity, overcome crippling mental beliefs and long lasting relationships.

Trained with the world’s top-most authority in the field of NLP, the co-inventor of NLP, the Master himself – Dr. Richard Bandler. Since 2003, has trained under world renowned Master Trainers on advanced NLP techniques. Regularly conducts high-quality NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and beyond workshops.

A naturally skilled therapist and coach with incredible success rate in personal change work, permanent freedom from limiting beliefs and any kind of performance blocks.

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