January 2, 2016



NLP4Teachers: 2-day course infusing psychology techniques in teaching !!

Khar, Mumbai.

Inspiring Teachers


When: January 2 – 3, 2016 two half-days of excellence in learning the art of imparting learning skills !!!

Location: Khar, Mumbai.

Investment: Rs 5500/- per person

Who should attend: Teachers, Trainers, Educators working in schools and colleges with students

As a teacher or trainer you might be wondering, what is more important for your excellence?

  • Giving masterful feedback that makes your students learn more?
  • Or, perhaps simply motivating them to cross their own boundaries of performance?
  • Or, Teaching to remember effortlessly?
  • Perhaps, making exams a relaxing experience so they can deliver the best?
  • The awesome pleasure of unconsciously influencing others?
  • Building rapport with all, thus tremendously boosting your teaching and their learning experience?
  • OR simply being the BEST teacher ever, for students?

Can a single, simple science that could get you these outcomes – effortlessly?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, helps individuals understand and take control of their thought processes and feelings and use them to bring about positive change in their lives. It’s frequently used in business to help people build better relationships, develop leadership skills and overcome thinking which hampers their professional development, but in recent years it has gained momentum in the sphere of education due to its effectiveness in helping students gain a better understanding of the way they learn.

How does it work?

It basically works like this: We have a specific structure to code experience and emotions. This structure is the fundamental basis of learning and memory systems. For example: have you wondered why it is so easy to recall negative events from your life? Why lyrics of songs are easily remembered and recalled?

NLP, an extremely powerful psychological science, influences and reprograms the mind at an unconscious level. Its breadth of cognitive and non-cognitive techniques construct a cocktail of physiological processes, linguistic (advanced language) patterns and hypnotic techniques.

During the course, prepare to be surprised by eye-opening concepts around precisely how the brain works, processes information and stores that in short term or long term memories. How the psychological process of recall and structure of emotions are set up and utilized. See live demonstrations, practice techniques and experience their impact on you and others !! Plenty of demonstrations and exercises designed into this course.

You already know that you work with curious and challenging minds. You also already know that we all learn and teach differently. So what would it be like if you could reach more students? What would it be like if your students could understand more of what you teach? How would it help your personality knowing that people want to listen to you because you are so good? And simply realizing how NLP can magically transform your performance, your motivation, your energy levels and basically your life, meansyou should not miss this chance to learn this terrific psychological science. Really !

Why invest in NLP for Teachers?

  • Communicate and influence with congruence and integrity
  • Become more flexible in the use of your language in order to appeal to more learners and learning styles
  • Master incredible language patterns that produce curiosity, desire, optimism of achievement and conviction of action in your audience.
  • Understand the unspoken structure of language
  • Develop and maintain your states of personal excellence.
  • Respond resourcefully and increase your behavioral choice under stress
  • Support your students in overcoming their difficulties and fears
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness in communicating and managing others
  • Comprehend and manage non-verbal communication
  • Elicit learning strategies and models of excellence
  • Change unwanted behaviours and habits in positive ways

Has NLP been used in Education field?

 Teachers in many countries already use NLP to dramatically improve the performances of their students. It has 100% success in improving the child’s concentration, memory, focus and confidence in a fun way.

Look what a past attendee has to say: Your course has been a great help to me. The main area in which I was enlightened the most is through understanding the way people communicate (or not). I just wish that these teachings were taught in school curriculum. As a teacher I have seen huge improvement in every area of my work. Since attending this course, there have been many an occasion when I thought a little bit of NLP knowledge would go a long way. Wish I had enrolled 5 years back!!

Paula Mainds, Teacher (Manchester, U K)

About the Trainer 

Amit Pathak is the first and only Licensed NLP Trainer in whole of western, central and southern India, accredited by the International Society of NLP, an association of Licensed NLP professionals created by Dr Richard Bandler (the co-inventor of NLP). He has over 10 years’ rich experience in this field and regularly conducts workshops in over 11 countries, therapy and counselling sessions as well as authors articles on the field of personal excellence through psychological techniques.

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