How Beliefs are Formed Simple formula

Our beliefs define and dictate our approach to life and its challenges. But did you know, how beliefs are formed? What if you knew that that there is a simple mathematical formula that sets up our beliefs and simple ways to eliminate them? How much knowing this simple truth help you to kill the negative beliefs that are haunting your life, career, relationships and more?

Persuasive Communication by clever use of conjunction words

Have you wondered how your language and choice of words influence people unconsciously? What would happen if you knew how words influence thinking and beliefs and when you learnt scientific techniques to use them cleverly…influencing people without their awareness? How will that change your life? career? Have you thought about the benefits of learning the CLEVER use of language?

(HINDI) Eliminate any fear, anger, anxiety of negative feelings, instantly

क्या आप को किसी बात का हमेशा दर लगा रहता है? नौकरी की या फिर पुराने अनुभवो से मन मे दर बैठ गया है? अपने लक्ष्य को हासिल करने मे दर लगा रहता है? चिंता रहती है? किसी व्यक्ति या परिथिति से बार बार गुस्सा आ जाता है?

तब आप इस विडियो मे बताया हुआ नुस्का, एक साधारणसी फार्मूला , ज़रूर ट्राई करे. ऑड देखिए की सिर्फ ३ मिनट मे आप का दर, गुस्सा, ङदासीनता, चिंता या परेशानी कैसे चुटकी मे हमेशा के लिए चला जाता है. अधिक जानकारी की लिए हमे Facebook मे मिलिए | शुक्रिया

How to overcome STAMMERING using NLP

A short video of how I used simple NLP techniques to help a child come out of an habit of stammering and enjoy normal conversations. Techniques I used here, have been briefly listed…but they are not the ultimate formula for curing stammering. Use your common sense and the case background.

How NOT to succeed in life !



All your life you have been unknowingly setting yourself up to fail and sabotage your life and career. This video shows you a foolproof way to achieve that goal without failing. Yes. For one you will succeed in failing each time and know how to achieve that !!!

How your goals depend on your personality and the type of people you are with

A very different take on how the people you are surrounded with, especially those you are close to and their internal motivational programs, influence YOUR ability to accomplish goals. How they are unconsciously sabotaging your abilities.

NLP for Teachers and Educators

Did you know that our mind has a specific format to learn any information. Learning itself is a complex mix of multiple processes such as perception, interpretation and memorisation. Each of these sub-processes are controlled by our mental state and numerous other factors. NLP is a powerful psychological science that helps us understand and leverage the exact processes that happen inside our mind…making Learning fun and more effective.

What is Conversational Hypnosis?

What exactly is Conversational Hypnosis? Is it same as traditional hypnosis? How does it work? Where is it used and what are its advantages? Has anyone used it before?

Answers to these questions, explained briefly here…

Learnt NLP? Now how do you use in the real world?

Are you struggling to figure out how, where and precisely what NLP techniques to use in real world cases? Relax…you are not alone. Most often, NLP Practitioners face real issues of ‘would be’ clients and don’t know where to start, what to do.

Using NLP: What they DON’T teach you in the classroom !!

Are you struggling to figure out how, where and precisely what NLP techniques to use in real world cases? Relax…you are not alone. Most often, NLP Practitioners face real issues of ‘would be’ clients and don’t know where to start, what to do.

Overcoming fear of someone at work

Understanding how this technique works, requires you to know the basics of submodalities and transitioning between representational systems. example: from K to V. USE IT and let me know how you find your fears vaporizing…

The Incredible NLP Logical Levels Process

Human beings operate at 6 logical levels and all those issues and hurdles holding us back in life in achieving the best in: career, relationships, education…and goals…and much more…are located at one of these six levels.

Follow the simple process shown in this video and notice how you get unstuck from issues bothering you for years…and experience a new sense of freedom and relief!!

GOOD LUCK and don’t miss the end

NLP 4 Kids

NLP is indeed one of the best discoveries in recent times that can dramatically improve the quality of studies (read lives) of young people. That too, at the right stage of their life, when their foundations of thinking, reasoning, remembering and expressing are being developed !!

Feedback from Mumbai NLP Workshop

There are two kinds of people: those who know their issues, fears, worries and limitations AND want to do something about that before it is too late. And the other group, who also know their challenges in life, BUT ignore them. Your limitations are created in your mind…and can be erased to install new ideas and motivation…WHEN you choose to do something about them. How long are you prepared to pay the cost?

Get Back Your Life workshop

A life-transformation workshop that is guaranteed to change the way to lead your life. 100% assured!!

From Procrastination to taking Actions using timeline

Most people fail to reach their goals and live a life of disappointment, wondering what to do next. Repeated setbacks in achieving goals may lead to PROCRASTINATION. Here is a simple process to transform procrastination into achieving your goals.

Experience The Experience

What YOU can expect when you will attend this event now or later

EiB Mumbai May2014

Excellence in Business through NLP Workshop Mumbai

Changing Personal History

All our memories and related emotions are creations of our mind through a complex process of deleting, distorting and generalising what we saw, heard and felt. Therefore, if our mind can create unpleasant memories, you can ask it to use the same skills to re-create the same memory in a pleasant way…and take away its negativity. The Changing Personal History process offers this value to anyone wishing to alter negative experiences into positive ones

Break Free From Financial Traps Workshop

Inspiring feedback from our workshop

Excellence in Business: Feedback

Feedback from the Excellence in Business workshop, Manchester, UK

The Excellence in Business through NLP workshop testimonial

Feedback from the Excellence in Business workshop, UK

How to instantly overcome negative self-talk: The NLP way

This demonstration will make sense IF you already have a basic knowledge of NLP Representational Systems. Feel free to search resources that offer a basic knowledge of Rep Systems…and this video will be really useful to you!!

EiB worshop, Birmingham: Testimonial

Listen and get inspired…when we you take control of your career?

The Excellence in Business workshop, London: Testimonial

Feedback from an attendee of our EiB workshop in London

From Anger to Calm using anchors

A quick and easy classroom demonstration of staying calm and happy any time even in the face of situations that make you angry through NLP anchoring process

Eliminate worries and fears through NLP Submodalities

A quick and simple classroom demonstration of eliminating your negative experiences in life through alteration of its submodalities…drop emotions from negative past experiences simply!!