WINNING !! An extraordinary workshop for YOU


Who should attend? Corporate employees, entrepreneurs, leaders, Coaches, Counsellors and anyone who wishes to achieve goals through a streamlined lifestyle.

Investment: Rs 3500 per person (all inclusive) for Part 1

Date: October 15, 2015, MCCI, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

Hi there. How would you like it if:

  • You consistently get what you want and become a WINNER in your chosen fields of endeavour?
  • ‘Winning’ becomes a habit instead of a random occurrence in your day-to-day life?
  • You know the winning formula and master the process of winning whatever your circumstances may be?

Here is an opportunity for you to get ‘Winning’ into YOUR blood.

Join us in a unique journey to discover…

  • Why ‘Winning’ is a must-have competency for everyone
  • What is ‘Winning’ and its dimensions
  • How to develop the Winner Instinct (as opposed to the Killer Instinct)
  • What is the Winning Formula/ Master Key
  • How to garner resources for winning
  • What is the Winning Process
  • How to chart the Winning Roadmap and
  • What is the Master Plan to make you a WINNER

What is this workshop brain20about?

Since we were born and till we leave this universe, humans are always setting and chasing goals. Goal after goal…an unending saga of pursuit. That’s what our neocortex does best. It needs a target to pursue.

For almost everyone, this is all about winning (i.e achieving what they want) or losing (missing the target). For some, the focus on the WIN is so intense that they miss the costs involved in terms of health, relationships, wealth, friendships…and much more.

Modern psychology has offered immense wealth of research on the impact on our life due to these ‘way side’ losses, the ethical and moral dilemmas and how such forces collude to sabotage the accomplishment of our cherished goals. Have you ever felt that you are sabotaging your own growth and success? If yes…read on.

Yoga science (or yogshaashtra), a wisdom that is atleast 2000 years old, is a holistic science that offers a treasure trove of wisdom related to, not just physical, but also mental well being. Its sutras have untold wealth of knowledge on all aspects of human evolution. For example: Anger, lust, greed, jealousy, unwanted habits, etc. How does one get rid of all these impurities? What is the formula? How does one learn to: Focus on goals, improve concentration, build defenses against criticism, improve mental skills, etc? Yoga shastra offers guidelines and operating principles, along with specific asanas that helps us stay physically and mentally fit !!

For the first time ever…this workshop will offer the participant the best of both world: modern psychology and traditional Yoga…with the goal of helping you WIN. Helping you achieve what you want balancing your life in a calm and peaceful way.

For example: Yoga shaastra will teach you certain principles of leading life. NLP will help you to achieve that behavior NOW.

Format: A unique 3-part workshop series.Yoga

Part 1: Inspire (1 day) The objective here is to awaken the positive side hidden within you. Getting it to start working to your advantage and in your command & control

Part 2: Inject (3 days) Begin to acquire conscious competence and install/ rewire neural pathways through a mix of Yogic principles (the WHAT) and NLP (the HOW)

Part 3: Internalise (2 days) Internalise and make the new lifestyle a natural extension of the new YOU.

Detailed agenda of Part 1: Inspire

  • What is ‘Winning’ and why is it a natural urge?
  • Definition of winning. Sorting your heirarchy of desires.
  • Different dimensions of winning
  • True winning – the Yoga & Psychology way
  • How can you win?
  • The master key/winning formula
  • Managing ‘life’ as a project to keep winning
  • Balancing the Desire, Execution and Sustenance mechanisms
  • Garnering resources for winning
  • Unleashing your learning states !!
  • The process to acquire winning competency
  • The master plan to use resources and develop the winning habit
  • CONTRACT to revolutionise your own life.



Prasad Auty: Has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Yoga shaastra.

  • Author of Leadership/Management books:
    • “Wisdom Management – Petal 1” (foreword by Mr Anand Mahindra, CMD, M&M)
    • “A to Z of Organization Development” (foreword by Dr Anand Deshpande, CMD, Persistent Systems)
  • Running ‘Yoga for All Round Development’ (‘YARD’) programs since 2008. Authored 800 articles.
  • Prepared/Trained a pool of 300 mentors for a large organization in Q2/Q3 of FY15-16
  • Author of Lord Krishna’s biography in Marathi (prose and verse) called “Geet Krishnayan”
  • In-depth study of Bhagwad Geeta, Patanjal Yoga Sutra, Vedanta, Zen, TOC, Neuro-science, EI, NLP, TA and REBT

Amit Pathak: Over 15 years of in depth learning of Neuro Linguistics Programming (along with other related sciences like REBT, CBT and Hypnotherapy)

  • Trained with the world’s top-most authority in the field of NLP, the co-inventor of NLP, the Master himself – Dr. Richard Bandler. Since 2003, has trained under world renowned Master Trainers on advanced NLP techniques.
  • Licensed trainer authorized to run the ‘Licensed NLP Practitioner’ program with internationally recognized certificate co-signed along with Dr. Richard Bandler.
  • Invented new techniques for individual enrichment and influencing people to get the results you want.
  • A naturally skilled therapist and coach with incredible success rate in personal change work, permanent freedom from limiting beliefs and any kind of performance blocks.
  • Author of numerous thought-provoking articles in the field of performance excellence and thinking powerfully.


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