Building Life skills, Business skills and career skills through NLP Training and Coaching. Earn a lot. Earn extra of a lot

Changeworx NLP Coaching is not about classroom training and review of theoretical concepts. We are a studio where you are welcome to learn and try on a rich mix of tools and techniques that help you enrich your life as desired, immediately!!

Our focus is all about how each of us finds solutions to improve our life through NLP curses. We conduct weekend and period workshops demonstrating core Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques and their applications in Business and personal situations.

Our endeavor is to offer a fresh way to learn NLP � thoroughly � in stimulating sessions that are aimed at:

Developing real NLP skills in small groups and a relaxed and very informal environment. | Discovering what makes people tick | Enjoying great company and lots of fun activities | Learn about yourself, extend your potential and improve your ability to communicate with influence.

Our NLP Training courses are defined by community requests and cover a range of subjects such as

NLP Foundation Course

Diploma in NLP course

Conversational Hypnosis

Excellence in Business through NLP

The Sales Charisma course

NLP4 Trainers course

NLP Super Teachers course

Knowing Families course

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Living abroad? Or simply unable to physically join our class? Not to worry. Join our online courses and gain the knowledge that changes YOUR world instantly !!

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