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Are you looking to sharpen and elevate your coaching skills to a new level? Do you want extraordinary results from your coaching work? Do you want to unblock your personal challenges and get that �Aa-haa� moment in your life? Generate big transformations through advanced linguistics.

You are cordially invited to this course covering advanced linguistics techniques, some so rare you will not easily find in any book or training program. The art of interpreting client�s language and asking questions is the heart of any coaching experience. These techniques will most certainly take your coaching and counselling work to a new level as they present phenomenal tools for exceptional coaching work.

There will be four online classes of approx. 1 to 1.5 hours each, two lectures per week. We shall cover various linguistic techniques, with demonstration and also practice activities. A dedicated whatsapp group will be formed where we will share results and address questions. Notes will also be provided for future reference.


Lecture 1: Linguistic submodalities and their usage in coaching work.

Lecture 2: The power of temporal language techniques in counselling.

Lecture 3: Modal Operators � how to use them in creating mesmerising coaching journeys.

Lecture 4: Advanced reframing techniques leveraging linguistic presuppositions.

Eligibility criteria: Anyone with NLP Practitioner level knowledge can participate.

Fees: Rs 2800 per person [payment instruction will be provided to eligible participants only]

Course duration: Two weeks, 2 lectures per week on Thursday and Sunday evening 9pm � 10:15pm. Dates: June 4, 7, 11 and 14

NOTE: Lecture recording will not be provided. However, if you miss a class due to genuine emergency please inform the trainer for a solution.