All that you need to know about re-education and its importance while pursuing hypnosis.

All that you need to know about re-education and its importance while pursuing hypnosis.

It is said that experience is the best teacher. As we go through events and experiences in life, each of them teaches us few important lessons; for example: what did we gain or lose? What caused that outcome? How should we respond to a similar situation coming up in the future? These lessons stay with us, sometimes consciously, but mostly unconsciously, in our minds and trigger a standard response for future situations.


Re-education is all about unlearning something and relearning it in a better, structured and beneficial manner. For example, you have a habit of responding with anger when something doesn�t work in your favor and this may have resulted in many damaged relationships and lost opportunities. Gradually, you may realize that you need to unlearn this pattern and change your reaction to an unfavorable situation.


Despite this decision, it may happen that this transition seems harder than you expected so you try to push your willpower to make it happen. Thus, on the days when you are happy, you succeed but majorly, you fail and continue to react in anger.


Why is it hard to make quick and seamless transitions from established behaviors to new ones?

  1. Over the course of time, your neurons develop a habit of reacting to a particular situation in a particular manner. Therefore it is not easy to suddenly signal them to react differently.
  2. You need to stay focused on the change you want to bring in yourself and repeat it again and again until the old neural superhighway is replaced with the new one that supports the behavior you want to establish. Inconsistency can make things tougher.
  3. To make that new response long-lasting, your emotions & reactions need to be repeated in a predictable manner.


The real problem is that, in a particular situation,  the emotions triggering the old behaviors overpower the emotions surrounding the desired behavior and you keep on repeating the same old toxic patterns.


How can this be resolved?

  • Identify and fully connect with the strong reasons behind why you need to change.
  • Understand how would the change benefit you. Feel connected to the bigger purpose why you need to come out of that old toxic behavior.
  • Understand what would the consequences be if you don�t change.



Remember that your ultimate aim behind performing this Neuro-Linguistic Programming Technique is to awaken your desire to change, learn that amazing future benefit to yourself and force yourself to avoid that negative consequence of not changing.

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