Amit Pathak�s NLP Training Workshop in Mumbai

Amit Pathak�s NLP Training Workshop in Mumbai

The brain accounts to be the predominant part of our body. And this salient part keeps the whole body functioning right. But did you know that a significant part of our mind still remains inactive because we don�t know how to utilise it? For example, did you know that you have a part that can easily and quickly remove unwanted habits, undesired memories and polish your skills to be a super performer? All in just few minutes? To evoke this major part of the brain and speed up your progress towards positivity, we recommend the NLP Training by Mr. Amitkumar Pathak.

Whenever the cards for the best NLP trainers in Mumbai are drawn, it is Changeworx that usually comes out as a prominent face. With nearly 2 decades of real on-the-ground therapy practice, dealing with the most complex cases, Mr Amit Pathak�shands-on experience has made him a master of neuro-linguistic programming.The NLP practitioners at Changeworx, go through a rigorous syllabus of learning techniques that are almost never taught elsewhere.

Our officially licensed NLP Practitioners work with you to help with your personal growth and achieving self-control over your thoughts, actions, habits and personality. Through the NLP training program at Changeworx, we try to apply the transformative skills that groom the personality of a human personally as well as professionally. After these sessions, you start discovering a transformation from negativity to a positive view of life. Are you interested in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions? Then we recommend Mr. Pathak. Let�s have a brief sneak peek into his professional life summary.

About Amit Pathak-

Mr. Amit Pathak, a passionate therapist and coach having diverse knowledge in the field of applied psychology, NLP, Social Panorama, IEMT, TFT and other related sciences. He has successfully organized countless NLP training workshops in Mumbai and internationally with hundreds of participants having learnt this uniquely powerful science from him and running thriving training and counselling practice. His sessions are highly informative, packed with practical demonstrations and therapy tips.

He teaches techniques that address, anxiety, fears of all kinds, phobias, stress, unwanted habits, addictions removal, relationship issues, undesired patterns that sabotage your career or personal life, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosomatic ailments, etc to name few. Also, he mentors candidates through online NLP Trainings and online refresh workshops. So sitting even miles away does not stop you from being trained NLP by Mr. Amit Pathak.  

Benefits of NLP Training by Mr. Pathak

Mr. Pathak�s innovative ways to train NLP is backed by over 18 years of experience and he is known for providing the best NLP Training in Mumbai. Being an experienced coach, the results generated in the human mind by him are sure shot and brings the desired changes in people�s lives. Summed up are a few benefits of NLP training by Amit Pathak-

  • Establish mental peace over years of fears, worries, anxieties, etc.
  • Attract positivity and states of motivation and energy.
  • Improve your personality, communication and presentation skills.
  • Learn how to read the inner thoughts of people and their intentions instead of reacting to their behavior.
  • Get rid of unwanted habits that sabotage your life and career.
  • Build better relationships.

Do these benefits excite you? So here�s the way to reach out the NLP trainers in Mumbai that will take your mind to the good. Connect with the Changeworx executives at- to get our guidance or call at-  +91 9987689287 or +91 9930670366

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