NLP Foundation Workshop - Online, live Zoom lectures


NLP Foundation Workshop – Online, live Zoom lectures


Expiry Date: June 4, 2023

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The NLP Diploma Course [online][English]

Achieve goals and earn extra income.

Revitalise poor relationships…

Build career and get promotion…

Overcome procrastination and get Results

Fight away negative habits and fears instantly !!


Introducing the online workshop that could dramatically change your destiny !!! Are you ready to grab it?

Hi Friend.

You are here reading this because you desire to make BIG changes in your life and seek ideas to achieve them, isn’t it?

Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder?

  • If you can control emotions at will where will you use it? You can get curious, cheerful and feel a strange excitement as you are about to start a task. And how would you use it once you discovered to do that in others?
  • What opportunities will open up when you can easily build rapport and make friends? Who will you use this skill first on?
  • What will be the first thing you will do when you can easily blow away fears, limitations and beliefs that stopped you from achieving your dreams? You can become interested and take actions, cant you?

The truth is, most people can learn anything easily as soon as you are open to give yourself that chance and believe that you deserve it.

How we can help? Join this workshop. Guaranteed to deeply influence you.

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) is widely accepted as THE ultimate psychological science to quickly transform your relationships, eliminate negative thoughts, stress and mental blocks in delivering your best. At work, for family or improving social skills, concentration, memory and confidence in Children. (Do you want to Google NLP and find out yourself?).


Learn the success techniques of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand, Warren Buffett, Andre Agassi, Sachin Tendulkar and hundreds of influential leaders of today. Discover mind-blowing techniques that can uplift every aspect of your life to a level beyond your imagination!


Decode the secret methods of how the mind works how experiences are stored, emotions created, fears and motivations installed and master the ultimate use of language in programming yourself as well as influencing people.


Course Content: How it will work.
Understanding how people process information, playing back the way they prefer to hear

  • Decoding the mechanics of rapport building and lead discussions.
  • How to overcome limiting thoughts and take life to a new orbit.
  • Programming for success: how to install pure positivity mental state
  • Structure of Experience: techniques to eliminate fears, negative thoughts, bad memories, unwanted habits and more.
  • A simple technique to manage personal conflicts, build strategy, set goals, etc.
  • Decoding the secret unconscious formula for Habits, Goals, Rapport, Taking Big decisions in life and almost everything that happens to us.
  • Changing beliefs using simple language patterns
  • Message Engineering: Irresistible written and oral communication
  • Change your past memories and install desired behavior for any situation.


LIMITED SEATS. Book by paying now!!

Online lectures, everyday 8:30pm to 10:30pm on Zoom.


See what others have to say about this workshop!
Awesome, Fantastic, Unbelievable, Wish I had known about this much earlier, Where were you when I started my business?, Peace, (Silence), Happiness and Calm, Unexplainable Creativity!!.

These are just a small collection of thoughts we hear from participants.

I want to say a big Thank You for your NLP course. I have been attending NLP seminars and talks since 1997 and your course is definitely the very best I have ever attended! I cannot fault your expertise, efforts and knowledge in your training delivery. The course was packed with more content than I thought possible. You truly are first class.
Tracey Hoad, Independent Coach and Counselor (London, U K)


Your course has been a great help to me. The main area in which I was enlightened the most is through understanding the way people communicate (or not). I just wish that these teachings were taught in the school curriculum. As a teacher I have seen a huge improvement in every area of my work. Since attending this course, there have been many an occasion when I thought a little bit of NLP knowledge would go a long way. Wish I had enrolled 5 years back!!
Paula Mainds, Teacher (Manchester, U K)


Since I did your course, I have moved forward quite a bit. Thank you. Moved forwards in terms of getting to grips with my cancer and eventually overcoming it, getting fitter and kick-starting my brain into working better. I am back at work now and looking to start my own businessTHANKS NLP!
Rob Lowell, Businessman & Cancer survivor (Birmingham, U K)


For years my son was finding difficulty concentrating in studies and getting good grades. He was also very shy. Since attending your NLP course, I started applying the NLP methods on him and his studies. We both were surprised by his sudden improvement in both areas. Thanks.

A Mother and Homemaker


L I M I T E D   S E A T S . B o o k   b y p a y i n g   n o w ! !


About the Trainer

Amit Pathak is one of India’s only Licensed NLP Trainer in the western and southern region having over 20 years’ of solid experience in the field of coaching, counselling and therapy. His work spreads over many countries in UK, Europe, Middle East, US and Australia. He has designed powerful performance enhancement methods that he teaches in his course and helped bring massive transformation is participants. He is an author and also freely shares his knowledge and experience with everyone in the interest of building a high-performance community of children and youngsters.