Why NLP & Why Changeworx

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming can bring unimaginable, massive positive changes in your life. Our NLP experts can help you identify the unproductive behavioral patterns that hamper you from achieving your full potential. These negative patterns can then be easily replaced with more conducive, constructive, and powerful positive habits and tendencies. After successful completion of our NLP training, you gain complete control over the hidden and extremely potent, sub-conscious aspect of your behavior, the one that controls the conscious part. NLP helps you transform your life, taking control of your behavior, and apply the newly learned principles to a myriad of fields like personal relationships, professional growth or emotional well-being.

We offer a range of courses (NLP Practitioner | NLP Master Practitioner), Licensed by the Society of NLP (Dr Richard Bandler).

Amit Pathak is an Award-winning NLP�Coach in�India. He has trained thousands of people across 17 countries with his knowledge in this field.