Most of the time, stress is caused due to the anticipation of a particular event more than the occurrence of that event and this stress lives in our minds much longer than it should. Our mind interprets the information about a future event negatively and disturbs our peace of mind. Such thoughts end up making us helplessly anxious but the good thing about them is that they can be controlled.

NLP is synonymous with betterment and its techniques help you become a better you! Practising NLP improves your relationship with yourself as well as with others. Over the years, NLP has been helpful to people in various ways like getting rid of anxiety and stress, letting the bad habits and behaviors go, building confidence etc.

There are a couple of ways through which you can use NLP for relaxing your mind and creating a calm state of mind for yourself.

1. NLP can be used to shape instant relaxation. Think about any moment in the past that made you feel as happy and content as you want to feel right now. Visualize this situation and bring all your focus to it. Imagine it as intensely as possible. Make it sharp, loud and closer to your viewpoint. Try to imagine that moment in the most realistic manner because the more it feels real, the more you feel relaxed.

2. Practice an exercise known as – Taking Over The Controls. Think about the situation that stressed you out. Visualize it and push it away from your viewpoint. Try to make it dim and blurry. This exercise is just the opposite of the previous one.

Different NLP techniques tend to make stressful situations easier to handle in different manners. Repeatedly practicing to control your memories of stressful situations eventually prepares you to handle tough situations with ease in the future. You need to understand that stress exists just in the ways you think and you can actually train your mind to eliminate the thoughts that cause you any kind of stress or anxiety. Using your mind to brighten or lighten certain memories in a realistic manner is the core of NLP stress reduction techniques.

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