How much is that bad habit costing you?

How much is that bad habit costing you?

Humans are known as creatures of habit. We all possess a set of bad habits along with the good ones and we know that. We know what our bad habits are but it becomes hard to get rid of them because of their repetition over the years. After a long period, when our bad habits start harming us, we realise how much they�re costing us.

Learning NLP Certification can help you better if you want to get rid of your bad habits. The first and foremost step you need to take in the process of kicking away your bad habits is understanding how that particular habit is costing you. The two major ways in which a bad habit might affect you are physically and financially and this ultimately leads to anxiety and mental instability. The amount of stress our physical and financial issues can bring to us is unmeasurable.

If you�ve ever tried to break a habit, you know how hard it can be. But have you ever tried calculating the long-term financial consequences of your spending habits? Maybe you grab something �not-so-expensive� and unnecessary every time you go grocery shopping but this habit, when repeated for a long time, can turn into a big expenditure.

Dr. Richard Bandler Courses say that what makes a habit good or bad is based not just on how frequently you engage in it, but also on what it takes away from you as you engage in it. In this blog, we�ll talk about two habits that fall in the category of unwanted habits because of the mental, emotional, physical and financial harm they bring and still people choose to get engaged in them.


  1. Smoking

Smokers are always aware of the fact that their habit is costing them both their physical health as well as their finances but they prefer ignoring this thought for the temporary relief that smoking brings. A cigarette a day or a pack of cigarettes a day might not seem to be a huge expense today but tomorrow, 30 packs of cigarettes every day for 30 days turn up into a huge amount that was spent unnecessarily.

  1. Casual Betting and Buying Lotto Tickets

Did you ever get involved in casual betting games like poker, hockey pool, rummy, bingo, keno, scratch tickets, etc.? Even if you win, you spend more than you get and you probably don�t even realise. Every type of lottery comes under gambling and you always spend more than you win, which is not fun at all!

The most ideal approach, if there could be any, to win when you bet is to consider your financial plan. A trip to the club? Calculate the amount you can stand to lose and anticipate it. Try not to rely upon winning; your spending plan should adjust regardless of whether you get back home with nothing.

How Is Picking On Bad Habits Affecting You?

Getting inclined towards your bad habits isn�t a big deal because they surely provide some temporary pleasure. The task is to leave them. You need to understand that your bad habits add up drop by drop at a time until you�ve got in front of you a big storm to deal with.

Talking about expenses, if you find yourself in financial crisis during every month-end, trace your spending habits and pick that one useless thing you�ve been spending on. Stop it right there!

Replace Bad Habits With The Good Ones

Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming and replace your bad habits with the good ones because removing a bad habit is just isn�t enough. Attempting to bring an end to an unfavorable habit without replacing it with a positive option leaves a void, and the oblivious may attempt to make up for the void by bringing back the old negative habit. Thus, make sure that your bad habits are not able to tempt you again and focus on the benefits of your new good habits.

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