Getting rid of your bad/unhealthy habits is always a hard nut to crack. People spend a lot of their time, energy and money to do so but still fail. This is their greed for getting quick and easy results, but great things take time, my friend! Everyone has certain habits that they want to eradicate from their lives but it takes time and patience. Some of these habits or behaviors can be biting nails, smoking, drinking, anxiety, insomnia, overeating, depression, etc.

The main problem here is that we address such unhealthy behaviors after it�s too late. We plan on cutting down such habits only after they start causing us major problems physically or mentally.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training enables an individual to eradicate such unhealthy habits and build healthy ones over the course of time and it isn�t that difficult if you are dedicated enough. NLP installs better & updated behaviors in your brain and makes you see things from a totally different angle. At some point, it might happen that our existing habits hold us back from incorporating good habits but that�s where our dedication and consistency come into action.

NLP Training makes us believe in ourselves and helps us in convincing ourselves that these unhealthy patterns that developed over time can also be reversed gradually if we stay stuck to our goal. We need to learn to prevent our limiting self-beliefs from restricting our success.

Which factors should be considered while trying to break bad habits?

  1. Our habits occur because of our thought processes.
  2. How do our thoughts/triggers make us feel?
  3. What is our mind�s reaction to such limiting thoughts?

NLP Courses teach you a lot about these thoughts or triggers like triggers are a powerful thing, and when they occur, they send you a glimpse of how you would be reacting to that particular situation. Triggers can generate a strong emotive response that cannot be ignored easily and you end up carrying out a behavior against your will. This happens because all these years, we�ve made our brain habitual to a particular reaction for a particular trigger so changing this response is possible only by establishing new responses.   So, in order to do so, we need to understand the triggers and our brain�s response to them and then establish the new response with consistency and effort.

Breaking Bad Habits- Step 1. Change how you view the Trigger.

If you want to get rid of a particular habit, convince yourself to do so in all the possible ways. Explain to yourself the harmful aspects of your bad habit every day so that you are compelled to leave it.

Breaking Bad Habits- Step 2. Increase the intensity of this realization.

Now that you have started walking towards the miraculous change, you need to be more dedicated & push yourself with more intensity. Develop a feeling of dislike and disgust more intensely towards your bad habit and make yourself react to the new behavior that you want to establish. This helps in reaffirming the new responses and keeping the old ones at bay.

Breaking Bad Habits- Step 3. Re-do

Keep on identifying and repeating your updated responses. This would simplify the process of breaking old habits. Make a new perception of yourself as soon as you walk away from the habits that were holding you back.


Practicing all these above-mentioned NLP techniques can be done effectively by taking NLP Courses or  NLP Training online as a trained professional would give you a better understanding of these techniques as well as of your own unhealthy patterns which you might overlook. Thus, to learn more about it, consider connecting with Changeworx.


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