Is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) real and how can I test it in real life?

Is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) real and how can I test it in real life?

What is real in this world?

In Hinduism, We call this whole world is a Maya (Fantasy).

It says�Even though there is only one world for all of us, everyone in this world lives in their own world!!

So my answer to your question is based on these premises!!

In this unrealistic world, we all live inside our own meanings (Maya)!!

This means that we make come from our conditionings, which we inherited partly from our immediate family/friends/community and partly through our own genes!

NLP calls them patterns, where ever they came from!!

Hinduism calls them vasanas or tendencies that are dormant in our subconscious but can surface with time.

NLP is a study of such patterns that you carry with which you carefully craft your inner world all your life and use it to navigate your life in the outer world!!

To test NLP principles is to test your own patterns!!

Firstly observe what is repeating in your lives�

What is repeating in your words/thoughts/behavior�

And see how these are connected?

See others�in the same way!!

And understand their story�

See what you can learn from them or offer them from your story!!

If this approach brings in something better for you in your life, then you can validate your own self-growth, which is what NLP is.

Learning to look at you from the lens of patterns and deduce what is happening & to be able operates from that perception towards achieving better results for yourself and everyone is NLP in my opinion.

So I am not sure, if we will any time get to understand the reality behind this world (where did it all begin and where will it end?) �reality behind you�(who are you now? who were you before? Who will be you after?)

Till then, NLP shall be useful to manage your thoughts/moods/life and keep you best for the day, when the reality might dawn on you!!


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