Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach: CWX Certification

Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach: CWX Certification

Today, coaching is a life skill as well as a profession. More coaches who are skilled in this life skill are required in the world. The world needs more trainers who are constantly working to improve.

Changeworx’s NLP practitioner certification covers the top NLP models and techniques for performing life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, and business coaching. Our training is really informative and exciting. Psychology and adult learning theory were both used to develop the course contents.

Who can join the NLP courses?

  • NLP can be useful for everyone who wants more out of life, communicate better at home, help others, improve their health, overcome problems, etc.
  • Also, this course is intended for anyone interested in becoming a Coach. The course is designed to use various NLP-based techniques from a Coaching Perspective.
  • This NLP training is perfect for students who seek a thorough introduction. NLP strikes a great balance between theory, practical application, and learning based on experience. 
  • Those who want to start a coaching career and alter their profession can profit from this training (full or part-time).
  • NLP offers a unique set of communication skills that can be useful to leadership or management teams, parents, coaches, and therapists.
  • Anyone who is interested in personal development, self-improvement, or supporting others,  may try to pursue NLP practitioner training.

Advantages of Learning with Changeworx-

  • If you’re looking for a motivating method of education-led personal transformation, the online NLP master practitioner course can help.
  • At a reasonable cost.
  • Desiring to acquire NLP strategies that go beyond books and result in long-lasting performance improvements.
  • Hearing yourself use amazingly powerful language patterns that have an impact on everyone around you
  • And a sincere, long-term handhold that genuinely wishes you will build on the new improvements for a successful future.

How to become a certified life coach and NLP practitioner-

Mr. Amit Pathak, a certified professional, must offer advice in order to make important life improvements. His experiences as a licensed NLP practitioner can benefit anyone in need of advice significantly. With Changeworx, you may learn NLP and receive NLP certification as an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Excellent NLP & life coaches are highly in demand around the globe and you’ll be the one to fully take this chance and shape your life. the training at Changeworx helps you to significantly improve the lives of others. 

Now, it is the time to fulfill your dream and be a part of the NLP. Get your NLP certification with Changeworx so that you can make a big difference in other people’s lives.


Changeworx is an NLP Training academy and is the only course where you can get multiple certifications as an NLP. This NLP course is taught by Mr. Amit Pathak who is a leading NLP coach, practicing for many years. His vast experience with NLP in different domains is one of the best NLP guides in the country.

Our NLP training works with you to accomplish your objective and develop self-confidence so that you can accomplish anything. We offer neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to help you create new connections in your mind and avoid recalling bad behavior from the past.

You are invited to attend Changeworx’s NLP, Life Coach training, certification, and workshops. A powerful learning program that mixes strategic communication and NLP-based positive psychology.

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