I have been fortunate to attend a couple of sessions by Amit on applied psychology at my organisation. He is extremely passionate about the subject, which is evident as he leverages basic principles of psychology to help overcome problems in real life. Amit is very friendly by nature and easily… Read more “”

Shruti Usgaonkar
Manager - Presales

Amit is a regular contributor at our NLP Club meetings and workshops. His depth of knowledge, especially, practical applications in life, brings very interesting insights on how one can use the power of NLP in successfully meeting life’s challenges. I particularly recall his workshop on Language Patterns and Meta Model… Read more “”

Ramesh Chawda
Mumbai NLP Club and Real Estate Businessman

I have attended 2 half-day NLP workshops conducted by Amit and both of them have been extremely enriching and gratifying, to say the least. Amit has a natural flair when it comes to conducting such sessions in spite of the fact that NLP is a difficult concept to teach. One… Read more “”

Rohit Yadava
AVP Sales – Large Accounts

I didn’t know about NLP until I casually attended a State Transformation workshop with Amit. His simple and very light hearted style of explaining complex concepts about how the human mind works is incredibly inspiring. Three hours later, I walked out transformed as a person, knowing how my State can… Read more “”

Priya Sharma
Media Professional

I work in the international Sales team of a reputed IT firm. I first got in touch with Amit through his sessions at the Mumbai NLP Chapter. His depth of knowledge in the field of applied Psychology, coupled with his personal experience in the Sales field brings out a treasure-trove… Read more “”

Rahul Deshpande
IT Services, Sales Manager

Amit’s workshop on Goals and Well Formed Outcomes was life-changing for me. Though the focus was on Business area, I actually saw how to apply it in a personal area where I had been struggling to find a resolution. Post workshop, when I discussed my issue with Amit, he was… Read more “”

Sneha Khanvilkar

The session on How to instantly build rapport with Customers from a Project Manager’s perspective has helped me significantly improve my relationship with my Clients. Looking forward to more such sessions with Amit!!

Ashish Sharma
PMP Engagement Director, IT Infrastructure Support

The process of goal setting is better than anything I have ever seen before. Even the concept of goal setting is approached from a very unique angle of how the mind processes such goals, considering our beliefs and fears. Awesome is the only word I can say. I am now… Read more “”

Jimish T, Sales Manager
Multinational IT Software Product Company

As an HR Professional, we approached Amit to discuss how NLP can benefit our work. He explained the interesting concept of Metaprograms – why people behave and work the way they do and how to spot their personality. His real life examples about how we can use this information for fitment of the right… Read more “”

Madhavi V, Recruitment Head
Mid-sized IT Services Company


I want to say thank you for your NLP course in London this year. I have been attending NLP seminars since 1997 and your course is definitely the best I have attended. I cannot fault your expertise, effort and knowledge in your training delivery. The course was packed with more… Read more “BUSINESS”

Tracey H, Insurance Professional
London, UK


Our team was struggling to generate Business leads. At that time Amit conducted a session explaining the fundamentals of how people process information, and then went on to show how different words and choice of language unconsciously influence people. The real life examples demonstrating how it works, including real conversations… Read more “BUSINESS, SALES”

Ravi M, Head of Inside Sales
IT Services Company
Business, Sales


The Sales NLP program was very well organized and full of relevant concepts. I am sure the implementation of ideas and thoughts will be beneficial for us as a company

Manish Agrawal, Sr VP Sales
Pharma Equipment Manufacturing company
Business, Sales


The seminar on NLP based Sales was excellent. Especially the rapport techniques. They were so simple and practical that I could be able to use it from next day and get lot of benefits. I suggest all those who would like a BIG improvement in communication skills, should definitely attend… Read more “FINANCIAL ADVISOR, BUSINESS”

Jigish Patel, Director
HNV Individuals - Insurance business
Business, Financial Advisor


This unique seminar was really God-sent for me. Especially the first day, when I learnt the method of flushing out ALL my fears and negative thoughts, and lot of negativities had accumulated for many years and after that I felt really light. And the time-line technique was so powerful, it… Read more “REAL ESTATE, BUSINESS”

Albert Almeida, Director
Real Estate Business
Business, Real Estate


This is one of the most amazing workshops I have attended. It is a game changer in terms of techniques and concepts. In just two days of applying some of these concepts, I could win a deal and persuade the Customer that I had been trying to, for many months.

R Iyer, Client Partner
Multinational Exec Recruitment company


Your course has been of immense help to me. The main area in which I was enlightened was understanding the unconscious way people communicate. This knowledge has certainly made me a much better communicator. I just wish your teachings were taught as part of school curriculum. As a teacher, I… Read more “EDUCATION”

Lauren M
Educator, UK


I am a certified Corporate trainer, master NLP Practitioner, a certified life coach. I would like to say, in these two days of Conversational Hypnosis workshop, I got very powerful new insights of applying conversational hypnosis. I particularly want to congratulate the trainer, Mr Amit Pathak, because of the way… Read more “CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS”

Ram Subramaniam
Trainer, Master Practitioner, Life Coach
Conversational Hypnosis


I am a mind power trainer and a life coach. My work brings me to work with various types of people and their solving their issues. I always used to wonder…is there a technique where, without their knowledge, I can imbibe good qualities in them, break down their fears and… Read more “CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS”

Ketan Tamboli
Life Coach, Mind Power trainer
Conversational Hypnosis