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  • Curing stammering issue using NLP

    In this video, I have worked with a young boy who had developed the habit of stammering since 4 years. The video begins with a quick background on stammering, followed by a video of the Client BEFORE and AFTER the session. His transformation can be easily noticed. Thereafter I have explained the series of techniques and the process used in this case, with the aim of assisting other fellow Practitioners interested in helping their Clients who have a similar habit.



Amit Pathak is a NLP double Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, professional therapist & success coach and international trainer who regularly conducts workshops on NLP and related therapy in India, UK and other countries. Having worked with world renowned authorities in this field, for well over a decade, he thoroughly enjoys learning and evolving new techniques and concepts aimed at assisting people in improving their lives. His therapy work encompasses almost any kind of mental and psychosomatic issues that people face in career, personal life, life style, relationships and much more.
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