What are some of the challenges you face in NLP today?

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It was invented in 1970 at the University of California. The word �neuro� associates with our thought process, the word �linguistic� means communication and the word �programming� means identifying a pattern in the behavior of successful individuals. The sole purpose of NLP coaching is to make your life easier by carrying out a logical study of the behavioral patterns of others. In the world of NLP, information is the currency. Every piece of information obtained from a particular experience whether good or bad is a piece of useful information that will be required to draw a logical conclusion.NLPworkshop works on the concept that if you can train your mind in a certain way to accomplish a certain task by showing shreds of evidence of a successful person then your brain will work accordingly. It is not 100% effective as we do face some challenges in this process. To understand the challenges an NLP practitioner faces let us first understand how NLP training works.

How NLP works

NLP practitioners believe that there is an order of research and learning, communicating, and changing. The level of changes are �

  • Purpose and spirituality � This is the highest level of change.
  • Identity
  • Beliefs and values
  • Capabilities and skills
  • Behaviors
  • Environment

Challenges of NLP

  • Nature- Due to its comprehensive and eclectic nature, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is difficult to be declared as a treatment model. As people do not witness the derived patterns therefore they refrain from trusting the process. This is why NLP is not as much accepted as it should be.
  • Empirical evidence � As NLP is based on experiences and not scientifically proven theories or logic so the inferences that are drawn from NLP are not considered to be vital claims that could be used to treat an individual.
  • Lack of scientific studies � There is almost no scientific studies or research made on NLP to prove that it is an effective way of treatment. The co-founder of NLP disagreed with the scientific testing of NLP.
  • Less trusted by people � People are yet to understand the impact of negative thoughtson their progress. They often choose their physical well-being before their mental well-being due to which therapies like NLP are losing their importance.
  • Lack of regulation and training � The lack of NLP certification in India has resulted in many individuals practicing NLP without having appropriate knowledge of NLP and mental health. Awareness regarding NLP and providing proper certification is very important to spread this amazing therapy worldwide.


Therefore despite the few challenges faced more and more people should learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming and earn NLP certification to bring positive changes in one�s life. NLP can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, communication issues, addiction, attention-deficit hyperactivity and can motivate a person to achieve their goals. It is very important to keep your mental health in check and NLP nourishes your mind in the best possible way by training it according to the desired outcome.

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