Modality forms a crucial part of Neuro-linguistic programming training. Modality in NLP refers to our internal representations � this relates to the five senses as well our internal dialogue. The five senses are visual, kinesthetic, auditory, olfactory and gustatory.

These modalities are also called representational systems because they are the primary ways with which we represent, store, code and give meaning or language to our experiences. Usually, we work with three representational systems � Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This set is referred to as the VAK learning style or just VAK. Despite the primary senses � gustatory and olfactory do not have a major role to play; they are often capped under kinesthetic. However, these considerations for inclusion can change bases on the individual requirement of relying on the senses.

When using modalities in NLP training online or offline, you can change internal representations to alter the behaviour. We all have internal representations which determine the response � these are built up of modalities. One can also refer to them as internal code.

We can access more than one representational system at a given time. For example, you can listen to an audio recipe, think about its smell and taste while picturing it in your mind. All this indicates that our behaviour is formed of a mixture of internal and external sensory experiences. We use our all of senses but, based on the situations, we may or may not focus on one or more of them. Every individual has a preferred representational system which they might or might not leverage based on their needs, situation or behaviour.

We have modalities or codes for everything � we might find some appealing and attractive while the other might go the opposite. When you decide to change the code, it results in a change of emotional response.

Let�s take an example. �Sub modalities� is a frequently used collection of NLP techniques. These work with the modalities and change them. This can be used for individuals who wish to quit drinking o stop eating chewing gum, swap it for something else or want any other change.

For everything in life, we make up an internal representation. It can be made up of visuals, audio, smells, tastes and feeling or a combination of all or any of them. It can be visuals and smell or taste and visual.

When you consider your favorite food, how will you represent it? Is it a feeling, taste, smell, sound or image? Most representation comes with a combination of different factors. Also, you can change your internal representations in many ways.

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